Material Culture is now published two times a year and contains articles on theoretical and comparative studies and artifact and site analysis, as well as book reviews.

The geographical scope of the subject matter with which the journal is concerned is Canada, the United States, Mexico, and the rest of the Western Hemisphere, although manuscripts about material culture in other regions will also be considered, with a special concern for the historical, cultural, and environmental heritage of the United States. The scope of the journal is not restricted by national boundaries across which that heritage cuts.

Pioneer America Society Transactions, or PAST, is published annually and consists of articles presented at the previous year’s annual conference. It also contains photographs and brief articles written on a variety of topics relating to material culture by Society members. Starting in 2009, PAST is an online-only publication, available to members of the Society via this website.

The Society also periodically produces The Compass Newsletter. It includes conference coverage, member news, announcements, and Society reports.

In the past, The Society published The PAS Newsletter twice a year. It included conference coverage, member news, announcements, and Society reports. They are archived here.